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Speedboat Z414
 Speedboat Z414
. . . The municipality of Zoetermeer [the Netherlands] Commissioned me for creating a work of Art in the Public Space of shopping center Vijverhoek district Driemanspolder. Characteristic to the shopping center is the cozy, open and green impression it make on you. That's because the pond and the park behind it are very well integrated: the square turns into stairs that runs into the friendly pond.
For this commission I had to use the leftover granite blocks from the shopping area for the renovation in 2013.
WHAT if something had happened which no one knows exactly HOW or WHEN? That's where Speedboat Z414 turns in.
The official unveiling of Speedboat Z414 was done by Hans Haring, alderman for Culture of the city Zoetermeer . . .
Speedboat Z414
Granito on concrete
320 x 135 x 85 cm
April 2014
and below
. . . a quick review in the process of creating Speedboat Z414 . . .
Artist impression.
Possitioning the boat -on the temporary staircase- with all its slopes.
Forming the boat walls by wiring them with iron.
The base - a concrete boat- is readdy.
First fillings of the granito blocks.
Removing the top layer in all dimentions in order to reviel the granite.
Ready for transport.
. . . Curious to see the full WIP [Work in progress] of Speedboat Z414 ?
On the top of this project and then the right side you can find the link to the WIP . . .
. . . and finally . . .
The official unveiling by alderman Hans Haring of the municipality of Zoetermeer and myself, supported by the children with their clayed boats. [this picture by Jan van Es]



. . .
Speedboat Z414

Speedboat Z414

Zagara Art project: Speedboat Z414


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