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    a variety of motion graphics and 3D projects
3D modeling and animation for Fraunhofer/PYCO, for Central Vision.
Plane cockpit is a third-party model, lighting/textures/etc. by me.
I created all other 3D.
various technical/visualization projects
anatomy shot was a purchased model, but i did the texturing/lighting
I created all other 3D 
audio is a remix by me of a classic track
a brief compilation of various logo treatments
logo treatment for Nigerian film company.
13 is a lucky number, and a fatman is something between a rainmaker and a jack of all trades,
a guy who can make lots of things happen. Client specified music and big blue boom thing.
animation created for HOPE, an international campaign to feed poor kids.
Client provided girl/boat and camera move; I designed and created everything else.
a selection of visualization shots made for Vanderpool Films,
for a University of Maryland online course sponsored by US Department of Defense,
to train veterans in math skills related to energy management fields.
Images had to be effective on mobile devices, and help reduce the stress of the challenging material.
my old reel, circa 2010, showing highlights of the previous decade's work
all work by me, including art direction and audio edit