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Cash App | Comforts
Cash App R&D

Working with the incredible people at Cash App we were tasked with establishing a unique visual for the 2022/23 tax season. 

The goal was to showcase Cash App Taxes as an easy to use method of doing your taxes while creating a sense of trust and connection to an immersive world of surreal comforts. In other words, make tax filing look and feel comfortable af!

To kickoff our R&D we took a deep dive into a world of unrivaled comfort, gooey warm reassurance, and cozy sensations through a crafted palette of fluffy, foamy, puffy textural delights.

Our next challenge was understanding the relationship between our comfort elements and the hero product. 

By finding a balance between realism with surrealism we established an assorted style that brings unique qualities to each product value proposition through a spectrum of emotions, materials and comforts; an eclectic mix of character through exploration, quirky and familiar moments of delight and experimentation. 

We created a design system alongside the hero visuals that maintained a consistency with the comfort-driven visual language we had established - a scalable and flexible icon set to be used throughout Cash App with versatility and style. 

Cash App | Comforts