Kampion is a football card game with beautiful artwork by worldwide artists.
It's a collaborative effort and an homage to the beautiful game. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.
Kampion is a project by Lourenço Cunha + over 200 talented illustrators from all corners of the world! 
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Go ahead... enjoy:
Adama by Adrián Oviedo (Monterrey, Mexico)
Bartok by Campa (Budapest, Hungary)
Beckett by Brian Fitzgerald (Dublin, Ireland)
Big Ben by Lize-Marie Dreyer (Pretoria, South Africa)
Bonaparte by Rasmus Buhl (Copenhagen, Denmark)
Bowser by Ruslan Suleimanov (Almaty, Kazakhstan)
Churchill by Joanna Walczykowska (Warsaw, Poland)
Columbus by Chokolate Design (Distrito Federal, Mexico)
Cronus by Grace Wattimury (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Curie by Faddy Ravydera (Jakarta, Indonesia)
Esquivel by Frana1 (Como, Italy)
Fanque by Shiffa (Mexico City, Mexico)
Frost by Anthony Clark (Liverpool, UK)
Grimm by Laryssa Wannelle (Olinda, Brazil)
Hurakan by Toñito Balderrama (Aguascalientes, Mexico)
Jobim by Richard Koubik (Porto Alegre, Brazil)
Kafka by Jindřich Janíček (Znojmo, Czech Republic)
Kessel by Boris Hasabike (Buenos Aires, Netherlands)
King by Antônio de Pádua C. Neto (Sao Paulo, Brazil)
Köll by Magomed Dovjenko (Cologne, Germany)
Lithium by Tuomas Ikonen (Helsinki, Finland)
Luther by Daniel Long (Norwich, UK)
Messias by Elisa Sassi (San Francisco, USA)
Okigbo by Kieran Carroll (Kilkenny, Ireland)
Ordóñez by Omar Shammah (Damascus, Syria)
Rembrandt by Tommy Surya (Malang, Indonesia)
Rómulo by Luis Dourado (São Paulo, Brazil)
Röntgen by Debora Cabral (Recife, Brazil)
Sarmiento by Gel Jamlang (Baltimore, USA)
Tusko by Athul Parameswaran (Chennai, India)
Ulysses by Vencys Lao (Campinas, Brazil)
Van Gogh by Mart Biemans (Groningem, Netherlands)
Van Orange by Blue Rain (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam)
Villa by Thalia As (Vancouver, Canada)
Zarathustra by Fábio Oliveira (Campinas, Brazil)

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Kampion • The Forwards

Kampion • The Forwards

Kampion Card Game is a collaborative effort and an homage to the beautiful game. It's a playable art gallery!