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Plan International. OpenCRVS Illustrations

290 million children under the age of 5 do not have a birth certificate.

Without this basic document, a child does not exist in the eyes of the law.

Being denied a birth certificate is a greater issue for girls, who may be denied access to health care, education, and other social services and be more vulnerable to child marriage, trafficking, and other forms of exploitation.

I was brought in by Futurice to help to tell the story of OpenCRVS, an open-source digital civil registration system developed by Plan International. The visuals help to tell the story of how a child born in a remote area with low accessibility could still register the child’s birth through the use of existing technology and an innovative OpenCRVS system.

Thank you for the team at Futurice and lead product designer Isa Jokela Gomes.

Client : Plan International
Agency: Futurice
Year: 2018
Job title: Illustrator

Working closely with the copywriter and team at Futurice, we mocked up some visuals that we felt would best demonstrate how OpenCRVS could have an impact.

Here are some of the visuals that were delivered for the project.
Impact and use.

The illustrations served as a vital tool to help narrate and tell the story of OpenCRVS in Bangladesh to set up a pilot in a rural area of the country.
Plan International. OpenCRVS Illustrations


Plan International. OpenCRVS Illustrations