Try Brush Mate!
A drawing game in which users can share their creations in social networks.
Each favorite gives points that unlock extra in-game features.
Select a theme or create one, challenging the imagination of your friends or other players.
Through the main page you can play, visit store, access configuration and the news feed where are the latest challenges from your friends.
You can log in with facebook, twitter or google account or create a new account.
The store allows you to choose many brushes and brush tips and also buy extra time for a drawing.
In the drawing area you will have available a color pallete, many brushes and the brush size. You should keep an eye on the time at the top of the screen, where there's also the word that is challenging you.
Mobile Screens
Tablet Screens
Catarina Rodrigues, Fanny Dias, Paulo Pascoal, Rafael Silva, Rita Malaquias
Special Thanks:
Daniel Azevedo, Pedro Martins
Wallpaper - Kevin MacLeod (
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