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    Biotech photography for various marketing projects.
Biotech Marketing Photography
Location photography in the lab.
Biotech marketing is, in many ways, very similar to any other marketing. However, it's differences are where the fun begins. The goal is to convey super smart subjects to audiences with a wide range of knowledge.

You can find yourself attempting to distill product concepts that took countless PhD man-hours to produce down to a strong image that the average investor can grasp in an instant.  In other cases, you can work with scientists and researchers whose passion for their fields becomes it's own inspiration.

That is what I love about creating photography in this industry: everyone involved is passionate about the solutions that they are researching and making for the world. 

Whether we are working in clean rooms or creating a mini product studio on a table top in the conference room, my goal is to convey their passion, through my photography, to their audience.