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feeel - Haptic Handheld Game Console (Thesis)

"feeel" Handheld-Gaming Console by Jasmin Kappler

There are six slots for modules on the front side, with a double module fitting into the middle slot. These are held by magnets, which solidify the connection when playing video games through electricity. The three buttons on the front are made of different materials so that they can convey more haptic feedback. When wood is mined in "Minecraft", the wooden button is pressed.

There are two raised spots on the back where the palm rests. There are also two buttons on the back and a grip pattern that ensures a secure hold of the console.

There are ten different modules that provide new haptic game mechanics for the most common interactions in video games. For example, the bow and arrow in "Horizon Zero Dawn" is operated with the module with the rubbers, or the light in a horror game is turned on with a switch. For racing games, such as "Gran Turismo", the turntable helps you steer and the pedal helps you brake.
The empty module covers slots that are not currently needed.
Mechanism for flexibility

To be able to react to different situations in everyday life, the screen can be separated from the controller with the help of a rail. The screen can then be set up with the handle.

To pick up on the haptic theme when playing games, the online store also offers the option of purchasing game modules in credit card form. These are easy to store in a wallet and communicate the retro feeling that occurs when the module is inserted into the wallet. Examples: "Super Mario Galaxy 2" and "Red Dead Redemption 2"

The prototype was 3D printed, sanded and then painted. In order to achieve as realistic a result as possible, electronic components are built in so that, among other things, buttons can be pressed. The screen is 7 inches large, just like on the "Nintendo Switch" and the "Steam Deck". The handle is movable so that the model can be set up.
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Bachelor Thesis Project; Haptics & Gaming
The relevance of haptics in video games: The development of a modular handheld gaming console focused on new game mechanics
University of Applied Sciences Potsdam (Bachelor of Arts)
feeel - Haptic Handheld Game Console (Thesis)

feeel - Haptic Handheld Game Console (Thesis)