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    Student project about fictional Olympic games in Kingston, Jamaica.
Kingston 2016 Olympics
This project was created for my subject class during my bachelor studies at Middlesex University.

Our task was to design the branding of a fictional worldwide sport event, so I chose to design the 2016 Olympic Games taking place in Kingston. I have always been fascinated by the Jamaican culture and its temperament as well as its proud people. Their culture is making a statement in almost any art form and  especially in their music.
In my approach of the Kingston Olympics, I decided to reflect these particular values on the visual identity of the games.
The inspiration behind the logo is pretty simple. A worldwide event needs an  easy-to-remember logo, announcing the event. The logo captivates the first letter (K from Kingston) of the hosting city and the year of the event (16 for 2016).

In this presentation i decided to showcase a series of posters created for this purpose, rather than a particular branding proposition.

Hope you enjoy it!
Logo Drafts
Final Logo
Student :  Vasilis Pallas
Tutor :  Charis Tsevis

ΑΚΤΟ (Art & Design)
Subject class / Visual communication
Bachelor of Arts
February 2014
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