Art Directors Club Festival Awards Bumpers & Openings
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    Bumpers takes us on a natural object and imaginative distortions. Using the concept of organic elements as a narrative abstraction. The identify… Read More
    Bumpers takes us on a natural object and imaginative distortions. Using the concept of organic elements as a narrative abstraction. The identifying objects from the artists show the openings for the workshop presenters of The ADC Festival of Art + Craft in Advertising and Design Festival. Read Less
Concept & Art Direction of the project
Materials & Backgrounds
Materials day 1                                  Materials day 2                               Materials day 3
Background day 1                          Background day 2                        Background day 3
Our Challenge
For nearly a century ADC Festival has inspired international creative to reconnect with their inner artist and recommit to the craft of their profession.
After 91 years of holding its Award Gala in NYC they decided to move to Miami Beach.
Our challenge was the need to create a new brand identity accord to the new location (together with all its applications); develop a complete new website for the Festival and creating an app for the attenders.
On the other hand we were also asked to create the “Openings” for the festival events and workshops that were to happen during the festival.
We do understand Creativity as going beyond the usual limits of knowledge.
Our proposal was about projecting this philosophy applied to different materials and objects in beautiful Motion Graphic and 3D creations. We worked hard to reach the amazingness grade in our work.
Bumpers Festival Awards
The bumpers feature organic objects and imaginative distortions to present each night of the festival.
Day 1
The Tomorrow Awards
The Tomorrow Awards is an award show that honors work that truly pushes creative and technological boundaries. By inspiring trends rather than following them, Tomorrow Awards winners show the creative community the possibilities of a very near future.
Opening of the Festival's First Day. 
Days 2 & 3 — The ADC Annual Awards
of Art 
+ Craft in Advertising and Design
The first international award show of its kind, celebrating the very best in design, advertising, photography, illustration, motion and interactive work, each with a focus on industry-leading artistry and craftsmanship.
Opening for the Festival's Second Day.
Opening of the Festival's Third Day.

Created & Art Direction

Director, Animation & Art Direction

Music & Sound design:

Openings Workshops
While the stars of the Festival are the Night Celebrations —the Tomorrow Awards and the ADC 93rd Annual Awards— the ADC Festival is also filled with hands-on workshops designed to spark your creativity, not just discuss it.
For the opening of each workshop we used 3D objects related to the presenter, making it more personal and identificative.
Texture day 1                        Texture day 2                        Texture day 3
Background day 1              Background day 2              Background day 3
Day 1
Workshop openings
Hungry Castle
Ian Padgham
Natasha Tsakos

Day 2
Workshop openings
Javier Mariscal
Ivan Cash
Clive Wilkinson

Day 2
Workshop openings

Dick Boak
Joshua Davis
Gary Baseman and David Charles

Direction, creation & Art Direction

Motion Graphics & Postproduction
David Durà
3D Assistant
David Mir
Jordi Alavedra

Music & Sound design