Mobile UI UX Design

productivity, notion, saas, canban, planner, tracking, crm, project, todo,
collaborative, collab, personal, assistant, manager, notes, note, web3, mobile, app, mobile

Write Outside the Lines

Take beautiful, searchable collaborativenotes with the note-taking
app that turns your iPhone into digital paper. See why GoodNotes
is the Editors' Choice. Download and unlock on all platforms.

Neatsy - Pocket-Sized AI Doctor

health, AI, doctor, medical, pocket, diagnosis, wellness, monitoring, 
assistant, healthcare, treatment, prescription, telemedicine, mobile, app 

Your Personal Health Companion
Get instant medical advice, track your health, and stay
connected to your well-being. Discover the power of AI
in your pocket. Take control of your health journey.


Personal Assistant - Financial App

finance, budgeting, expenses, savings, investments, income, bills, transactions, 
banking, credit, debt, goals, analytics, notifications, web3, mobile, app, mobile

Personal Assistant
Financial App helps you track shipments, access shipping 
information, and ensure on-time delivery for managing your finances 
effortlessly. Stay informed and have peace of mind with our app.

S&I - Financial Assistant for Securities

finance, securities, investments, stocks, trading, portfolio, analysis, alerts, 
research, news, watchlist, performance, risk, dividends, charts, web3, mobile, app

​​​​​​​See S&I on Dribbble
Unlock Your Financial Potential
Empowering Investors with Smart Solutions. Take control of your
investments and maximize your returns with our cutting-edge financial
assistant. Download now and revolutionize your investment strategy.


Veri - Healthcare CGM Tracker

rondesign, medicine, medicine, stats, monitor, track, tracker,
sensor, health, mhr, ehr, emr, phr, cgm, animation, mobile, app

                Veri Mobile App

Veri - Healthcare CGM Tracker app empowers individuals to actively manage
their glucose levels by providing them with comprehensive CGM data monitoring, analysis,
and sharing capabilities. It aims to support better diabetes management
and facilitate effective communication between users and healthcare providers.

Subway AR Navigation App

transition, wallet, machine learning, ar app, app, taxi, navigation, augmented
reality, augmentedreality, ar, route, train, ticket, transport, fintech, pay, rondesign, subway

                Subway AR App 

The app utilizes AR technology to display information about the subway and directions
directly on the mobile device screen. Users will be able to see virtual pointers indicating
stations, transfers, exits, and other important objects.

WellBeings - CBD Inhaler App

tracker, asthma, sensor, medical, system, delivery, inhaler, cbd, tens,
ems, development, design, ui, ux, mobile, app

                CBD Inhaler App

WellBeings - CBD Inhaler App is an innovative mobile application that allows
users to track and control their CBD inhalation sessions. With personalized
dosage settings, users can customize their CBD intake according to their needs.

Tesla Phone - Native Mining Application by Elon Musk

rondesign, assistant, money, finance, Bitcoin, crypto, fintech,
blockchain, mining, Elon Musk, phone, Tesla, mobile, app.

                         Tesla Phone App

Native Mining Application uses a secure and reliablemining process, and you can
rest assured that your earnings are safe and secure. The app also provides 24/7
customer support to assist you with any questions or issues you may have.
Whether you're a seasoned cryptocurrency miner or just starting out, Native Mining
Application is a great way to mine cryptocurrency on your mobile device.

iNote - Smart Home Mobile App

ST, Xiaomi, Mi, control, ZW, ZLL, ZHA, monitor, SHM, IoT, DA, HA,
automation, hub, device, home, smart, app, mobile.
                    Smart Home Notes

The app is compatible with a wide range of smart devices, including thermostats,
smart speakers, security cameras, smart locks, and more. You can add as
many devicesas you like, and the app will automatically pull information about each
device, such as its model number, manufacturer, and other technical details.

Logic Pro - eLearning Educational Platform

task, student, platform, online, LMS, lesson, learning platform, learning app,
learn, e-learning, educational, education app, education, course app, courses,
course, rondesign, product design, animation, mobile.

                                Logic Pro App

The app is user-friendly and easy to navigate, with a clean and modern design. It is
available for download on both iOS and Android devices, and you can access your account from any device. With Learning Educational Platform, you have access to a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips.

Monte - Your Financial Assistant App

Crypto, Bitcoin, spendings, spend, card, banking, bank, budgeting,
budget, assistant, vault, wallet, pay, savings, fintech, app, mobile.

Yout Financial Assistant App

The app also allows you to link your bank accounts, credit cards, and other financial accounts, giving you a complete view of your finances in one place. Monte uses advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms to provide you with customized insights and recommendations on how to improve your financial situation. You can set savings goals and Monte will help you create a plan to achieve them.

Coin - Financial Wallet Mobile App

DeFi, banking, bank, token, coin, blockchain, binance, assistant, cryptocurrency, finance,
fintech, wallet, Bitcoin, crypto, app, mobile.

Coin - Financial Wallet 

Coin - Financial Wallet Mobile App is a convenient and secure way to manage your finances.
Coin usesstate-of-the-art security measures to protect your financial information, so you can use the app with confidence. With its user-friendly interface and powerful features, Coin is the perfect financial assistant for anyone looking to simplify their financial life.

rondesign, industrial, control, digital, things, monitor,
HA, IoT, hub, automation, home, smart, development, UI, design, app.

 Gathering App

With the intelligent lawn care assistant, you can even get personalized recommendations and tips for improving the health and appearance of your lawn. Say goodbye to tedious lawn care and hello to a smarter way of gardening with Indigo and the Bosch Smart Gardening app.

home, rent, building, broker, agent, housing, apartment,
listing, map, finder, property, estate, real, realtor, app, mobile

Property Finder Platform for Realtors

The application allows brokers to keep track of
apartments and all additional information about them in
one sentence with the convenience of an interface.

iot, control, automation, automotive, home, smart,
camera, monitor, web 3.0, web3, development, design, ui, ux, mobile, app

MN+ - Home Security Camera

People love MN+ Camera! The all-in-one app provides more
features than a basic, expensive security camera. You can get live
stream, instant intruder alert, walkie-talkie, and unlimited cloud
storage to store, share, and playback your video footage.

vacancies, vacancy, hiring, hire, product design, job application, job listing, job board, jobs, job, employment, employees, employer, employee, mobile app, mobile

Jobly - Job Search Platform

A simple voice application for easy search of outgoing
requests from a company near you. A simple interface
will allow you to better select a proposal according
to your criteria and find a good offer.

development, design, ui, ux, defi, crypto, web 3.0, web3, marketplace,
shop, coin, art, binance, bitcoint, blockchain, nft, mobile, app

What is NFT?

NFT means non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which are generally
created using the same type of programming used for cryptocurrencies.
In simple terms, these cryptographic assets are based on blockchain technology.
They cannot be exchanged or traded equivalently like other cryptographic assets.

travel, booking, system, development, design,
ui, ux, web 3.0, web3, mobile, app

Do you want to travel?

App with amazing features and detailed description for
traveling around the world. Plan, choose, and create plans
for your travels, thoughtful functionality will direct you to create
a new amazing event. Travel with the app assistant

health care, health app, medical design, medicine, medical care, toothbrush, dental care, tooth, dental, clinic, medical app, platform, treatment, medecine, medical, augmentedreality, health, app, rondesign, healthcare

Easily interact with devices

The app works directly with the IoT device inside your brush.
Devices with IoT technologies monitor and
take into account the status and use of special equipment.

storage, shipping container, shipping box, track, rental, cargo, rent, company,
delivery, shipping, logistic, app, manager, notes, note, web3, mobile, app, mobile

Rent Payment Take away

Whether you're an international freight forwarder or just want to
order something for yourself, you can easily track your shipment's
delivery, shipping details, and your on-time delivery guarantees.


Smart Lamp Application

furniture design, furniture app, furniture, augmentedreality,
smarthome, lightning, light, lamp, rondesign

See Smart Lamp App
Rent Payment Take away​​​​​​​

The application conveniently approaches interacting with the device
for lighting, the convenience of settings allows you to fully use
the lamp using only your phone, and this app.

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