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Scanning my world Pt 3
Photogrammetry in Substance 3D Sampler
I found this interesting flat rock on the street and I thought this would be the perfect test material for a photogrammetry project. I took the photos with my phone, and created a 3D model from them in Sampler. I also created a 3D material with Sampler so I can create a matching "infinity" background for my render. The perfume bottles I downloaded from Substance 3D Assets, and textured them in Stager. This pattern I used I created long time ago and I saved it in my CC Libraries so I could just drag and drop it onto the base material in Stager. Just to spice things up I added a ferrofluid material onto another plane so the environment got a bit even more interesting.
Photos for photogrammetry taken with my iPhone
Photogrammetry with Substance 3D Sampler
Perfume bottles from Substance 3S Assets
Plants and pebbles from Adobe Stock
Rendered with Substance 3D Stager
Post processing in Photoshop
I created a material out of the ground photos in Sampler and used it on a plane to create a matching ground.
Scanned ground model imported to Stager
Ferrofluid material here
Perfume bottles here 
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Scanning my world Pt 3