Waybill interface processing concept Delivery Docs

Fire, water and how Delivery Docs works
Delivery Docs — service for processing waybills. It helps accountants and operators to process documents many times faster, and companies save time and money by automating routine work.

Accountants receive from tens to hundreds of waybills a month. The waybill accompanies any goods entering the company, and it needs to be processed: enter the data from “a piece of paper” into 1C and take it into account. As a result, there are errors due to the human factor, red eyes and thousands of hours of monotonous work.

Studio Right designed a data recognition system from scratch using a neural network. The service automates the process of manual entry and now the employee doesn’t retype the text of the invoice, but simply checks whether the system recognized it correctly.

Thanks to the Delivery Docs service, documents can be processed many times faster, and it becomes easier to concentrate on something more important for the saved tens of hours.

May the Right design be with you 🖖

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Waybill interface processing concept Delivery Docs

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Waybill interface processing concept Delivery Docs

Right Studio has designed Delivery Docs, a system that, using a neural network, helps accountants process documents many times faster.