H e l l o !
SpeaKing Magazine is the first magazine of public speaking in Indonesia. It was born under name of RMC Magazine before in hibernate term, and re-branding then with new name in 2015. In additional to having the electronic magazine, SpeaKing Magz also have portal online which focuses on public speaking / communication, education, entertainment, and lifestyle for youths.
Client Info:
+ Name: Alicia Van Akker
+ Occupation: Managing Director
+ Corporate: SpeaKing Magazine
+ Socmed: facebook.com/speakingmagz
+ Website: www.speakingmagz.com
Detail Logo:
SpeaKing Magazine has the similar colours with IPS Festival 2014. Because it is having the same of target segment, for youth generation. And the big 'K' betweet speaking word, that means King; King of public speaking.
Logo for SpeaKing Magz
Name card for SpeaKing Magz's Crew
Letterhead Design of SpeaKing Magz
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