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The Map is Not the Territory: Parallel Paths
Scott Benesiinaabandan, God Save the Queen
Nadema Agard, Tatanka Oyate Ska/ White Buffalo Woman
Norman Akers, Crowded
Neal Ambrose-Smith, Stealing a Ride on the White Man's Bus
Neal Ambrose-Smith, Baby Bird Brain
Rawan Arar, Free D
Neal Ambrose-Smith, Weight of the Discussion
Neal Ambrose-Smith
Neal Ambrose-SmithNeal Ambrose-Smith
6+: a women's art collective,  web-based project
Scott Benesiinaabandan, Solidarity Flag Derry
Scott Benesiinaabandan, Flags of Our Fathers
Scott Benesiinaabandan, A Small Note from the North of Ireland
Rajie Cook, Epitaph to a Roadmap
Rajie Cook, Birth of a Nation
Manal Deeb, Diaspora
Wahsontiio Cross, detail from Uncharted Territory
Claudia Borgna, Crumbs of Land: Khobz A Word for Freedom #4
Rita Duffy, Clearing
Rita Duffy, Territory, (excerpt from Act of Union, by Seamus Heaney)
Matthew Egan, Difference Machine, 1822
 Matthew Egan, Divergence, Convergence, and Apparel
Michael Elizondo, Jr., That Old Tune of “GARRYOWEN”
Michael Elizondo, Jr., The Second Intifada
Najat El-Taji El-Khairy, The Rock of Palestine in Basel
Phoebe Farris, Mohegan Wigwam
Elena Farsakh, Displaced
Najib Joe Hakim, Fraternal Bonds
John Halaka, Hands of Time, from the series: Portraits of  Denial & Desire. 
John Halaka, Forgotten Survivors, from the series: Portraits of Denial & Desire.
Michele Horrigan, detail from Abandoned I, II, and III
Michael Keating, Abu Dis – The Wall at Dusk
Tom Quinn Kumpf, Burren Pony, Co. Clare
Tom Quinn Kumpf, Child’s Play, North Belfast
Tom Quinn Kumpf, Moonstone, 3200 BC, East Chamber Knowth, Co. Meath
Jane McMahan, Border Tunnels
Alan Montgomery, Irish History Lessons #1
Alan Montgomery, Irish History Lessons #2
Malaquias Montoya, Undocumented
Vivien Sansour, Abu Nidal
Vivien Sansour, Candles for Water
Donna Schindler, Hozhonahaslii: Stories of Healing the Soul Wound, film
Susanne Slavick, Rend 
Susanne Slavick, Repercussion
Jaune Quick-to-See Smith, House and Home
Mary Tuma, Lingering Presence
Kerry Vander Meer, Cross Slabs of Cill Rialaig
Kerry Vander Meer, Untitled Potato Print
Sherry Wiggins, Battles, Deeds, Fields, and Swords
Melanie Yazzie, Seeing Each Other
Helen Zughaib, Woven in Exile
Hani Zurob, Flying Lesson #03
Hani Zurob, Flying Lesson #07
The Map is Not the Territory: Parallel Paths

The Map is Not the Territory: Parallel Paths

THE MAP IS NOT THE TERRITORY looks at relationships and commonalities in Palestinian, Native American, and Irish experiences of invasion, occupat Read More