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Nowe Ciastkarstwo – Illustrations

„Nowe Ciastkarstwo” - the only, contemporary textbook on confectionery.
It was created by Jacek Malarski and Albert Judycki - owners of Warsaw's Lukullus. 

My work on „Nowe Ciastkarstwo” consisted of creating more than eighty illustrations, depicting confectionery processes so that they are understandable to the reader. So that he could repeat them on his own.

With their style, the drawings were to refer to engravings from past eras, while carrying a fresh graphic value. 
All drawings were made by hand using fineliner pens.

The team working on the publication: 
• Design and typesetting - Anna Piwowar
• Photos - Tomo Yarmush and Jacek Malarski
• Watercolors - Jagna Wróblewska
• Calligraphy - Anna Warszawska

Nowe Ciastkarstwo – Illustrations

Nowe Ciastkarstwo – Illustrations


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