Pastry Mama
A business ID
This is a business card design that I whipped up for the wife of a work colleague.  She has a little at home pastry business that she wanted to expand upon.  She had the name already - I just came up with the logo and card design.  If you’re looking for some tasty treats in the Pittsburgh area, give her a call!
First, I sketched a ton of logos for her.  Antonia has an awesome, giant sun tattoo on her chest, so I was thinking she might kinda like a Starbucks-esque logo.  She ended up going for the super simple cupcake.
Next, I gave her a bunch of different fun color palletes to choose from.  Going in she said she wanted it to be super fun and colorful, so I tried to give her plenty of those kinds of options.  She liked 8 and 9 the best.
Next, I made business card compositions using her favorite logo and color palletes.  
Antonia decided she liked this one the best.  I put together hi-res versions for the printer, along with an .ai of her logo, all of the fonts used, and the .psds.  Another happy customer!