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    I was comissioned by The Weather Chanel to design a logo for SureCast™, a new tecnology used by the company to provide their forecast.
I was commissioned by The Weather Chanel to design a logo for SureCast™, a new tecnology used by the company to provide their forecast.
"SureCast represents our data, our timeliness, our precision, and our accuracy. It represents our 200+ meteorologists and our superior algorithms. It is one of the building blocks that enable us to show our fans the world through the weather. The reason we passionately build & continue to innovate with this forecast is because we know It’s Amazing Out There. We know that accuracy matters and can enable amazing things. "
During a straightforward process, I explored many monochrome shapes, that were along with their new graphic user interface revamp, and the result was a simple and  recognizable logomark inspired in the concepts provided by the client.
(Concepts / Process)
Logo grid construction / Custom typeface
Surecast presentation site:
Logo animation 
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