Orderly - UX Design process

This is a concept project designed to illustrate my approach and thinking process in the UX area.
The application is designed to be used by everyone who needs a handyman/specialist service and also for specialists to ease their order/job management.

User Personas

I created them to be able to empathise with problems they may be facing and what gains they may make from using a solution like the one I design. I merged the persona with an empathy map to get an overall look at each of them and what they may see, hear, say or think.

You can access Figma file for this step of the process here.

Competition analysis

Review of some competitor websites and apps was done to see how they approached the problem.

User Journeys

To be able to distinguish phases of user engagement with the product I prepared a User Journey for the app. There are two journeys - one is for general users of the app that is shared across Angela, Ruth and Mike and the other is for Peter, who is an entrepreneur handyman, who provides services.

Low Fidelity Prototype

Based on the research data gathered I designed an initial low-fi prototype to be able to make sure the process is complete and clear before proceeding to UI design. This process allowed me to understand the components, screens and flow needed for this application to work.

You can see the Firma file I designed here

UI Design

You will find next phase - the UI Design - here.

Thank you for your attention - I hope you liked this design and it's UI design process - if you did please let me know by hitting that appreciate button below.
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UX Design Process

UX Design Process