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    This is a first illustration in the serial, beginning of a project i named "Vow of silence"! Personal mixed media project dedicated to the inner … Read More
    This is a first illustration in the serial, beginning of a project i named "Vow of silence"! Personal mixed media project dedicated to the inner self of an human being, untold truths, unspoken voices, unrevealed thoughts, hidden doubts and fantasies - opposites that are balancing and shaping the inner life of an individual .. Read Less
|"V O W  O F  S I L E N C E"|
Childhood, growing up, identity issues, changes, blooming
Mixed media on canvas, 2014
| "One - self" |
|"Two - split in half"|
|"Tree - separation of the thoughts"|
|"Tree - separation of the thoughts"|
|"Four - sides of the world"|
|"Choice & directions"|

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2014  "Djoon", Paris, France - mixed media project presentation - Samsara
2013 “Amantes cultural center”, Torino, Italy - mixed media works“Samsara”
2012 “Dorothy Circus Gallery”, Rome, Italy -  paintings “Last drop of innocence” 
2012  “Galo Art Gallery”, Torino, Italy -  paintings “visiONs OFF an empty mind” 
2011 “Pagus gallery”,  Philadelphia, USA - serial of paintings and drawings ”Circle of life” 
2011  “Fache Arts” Gallery Miami, USA - paintings and drawings - “Meaning of life” 
2010  “Belgrade cultural center”, mixed media illustrations “Why ladybirds eat people?” 
2009 “Fache Arts” Gallery Miami, USA - paintings and drawings “Stories from a Neverland” 
Group shows (selected):

2014  "MAD in Italy"group show, EnimAritst, Milano, Italy
2014  "Dream factory gallery", Frankfurt,Germany - "Hidden Kingdoms show"
2014  "Il posto delle favole",  Edizione 2014, Rocca Sinibalda, Museo A.Miniucchi
2013  “Lacrima Aquarium”, Aquario Romano MUSEUM, collaboration with Dorothy Circus Gallery, Rome, IT 
2013  “Wanderlust”,  Modern Eden gallery, San Francisco USA
2013  “6 impossible things before breakfast”, Dream factory gallery, Frankfurt, Germany
2013  “Abu Dhabi Art Hub” / Italian Month Exhibition/ Abu Dhabi UAE
2013  “Stroke art fair”/ Munich, Germany - represented by Pretty Portal Gallery
2013  “Bears in the honor of spring”/ UK Parobord, Belgrade, RS
2013  “Painted sound”,  Flower-pepper gallery, Pasadena, USA
2012  “Urban Expo,”  Pretty Portal gallery,  Dusseldorf, Germany
2012  “Pop surrealism- Stay foolish”,  Museo Casa del Conte Verde, Rivoli, Italy
2012  “Runaway circus”,  August Clown Gallery,  Melbourne- Australia
2012   SWAB,  International contemporary art fair,  Barcelona - Spain 
2012  “Game over”,  the Nova Belgica Art Gallery, Saint Truden - Belgium
2012  “Illustrated”,  Pretty Portal gallery,  Dusseldorf - Germany
2011  “Summer show”,  Hive Gallery,  LA - USA
2011  “Alterazioni Visive”, Arcidosso - Italy
2009  “Golden Pen of Belgrade”,  International Triennial of Illustration, Belgrade - Serbia 
2009  “Cut & Paste / postcard exhibition”  international exhibition, digital graphics, Stockholm - Sweden
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