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Beekeeping in Oman
I was commissioned to produce an infographic about the traditional beekeeping in Oman to be published in a double page format at the newspapers Times of Oman and Al Shabiba for the Oman's National Day celebration (the same graphic in English and Arabic). In the graphic, two methods of Omani beekeeping were explained, one using a hollow date palm trunk and other using a branch. Around one month from the inception to the paper. I did this graphic in collaboration with Winie Ariany, who help in the research and production of vector illustrations.
The English version was published in Times of Oman and the Arabic one in Al Shabiba.
This particular sketch was made by Winie ariany, one of the multiple ones that we made in the very early stage.

Preliminary versions

Field research
"Tubl", the Omani bee hive made it from the date palm trunk.
We had a quick apiculture course at Mr. Mahmood Al Rahbi's farm.
Winie Ariany approaches to the apiary where the beekeeper and farm's owner, Mahmood Al Rahbi, is opening the hives to explain how the bees live inside. We approached with courage and fear.
We went to Mr. Mahmood Al Rahbi's farm to know about the different flowers that the bees use to visit.
We also traveled to Rustaq, a town famous for its honey which is located in the slope of a mountain chain. There, the people of the Ministry of Agriculture gave us invaluable information.
Archive photo in which the real "tubls" can be appreciated. The hollow date palm trunks and the already prepared hives.
Beekeeping in Oman