For my first UX project I chose a prompt to design a 'specialized mobile app for a food truck'. So I created a brand for "well, on the way" a food truck that has healthy food options that they can pre-order healthy and save time waiting in line.
Seeing as this was my first project for the Coursera UX certificate program, I took on all the roles in the UX process including the user research, sketching, wire framing, design and prototyping. I began this project in September of 2022.
User Research: 
We asked a select group of users who order food out a few times a month, what might be useful when ordering on-the-go. We asked people school-aged to retirees and busy parents. We found there to be a hole in the market for food trucks that have offer healthy food options, that you can order on-the-go. 
So we then conducted a competitive audit of other companies, with storefronts, that offer healthy food options, and also some companies that have food trucks that you can order from. 
After this research we found that a food truck that serves healthy food that can be pre-ordered would be our value proposition.
Some pain points we discovered after user research:
Convenience - Quickly locating a place to get food on-the-go.
Healthy Options - Finding FAST but ALSO healthy food options that are convenient.
Nutrition Info - Most health-conscious people want to view nutritional information of the food they eat and at the very least they want to know the ingredients and to be able to modify them.
Pre-ordering - Users know making fresh food isn't always fast, so they wanted a way to pre-order food for pickup.
Next steps were to create user personas and journey maps:
Persona: Rebekah
User journey map for Rebekah
Time for some ideating - UX Design storyboards (big picture and close-up), Crazy eights and How Might We exercises, and lots and lots of sketching of wireframes:

Paper Wireframes
For the next phase of the project I started creating the digital wireframes in Figma. Since this was my first time using Figma this part of the project took me a little extra time since I like to play around with the software to figure everything out. This was fun. But eventually I finalized some digital wireframes:
Next, I was ready to begin my first usability study. I created a Research Plan and then I recruited 7 users to test my app and give feedback in an unmoderated study. I learned to about biases and how to collect feedback, organize the findings, look for patterns and insights and synthesize results. 
Here were my findings from the study:
Affinity Diagram
Locating the food truck was not intuitive.
The filter feature is valuable, but not clear on how to do it.
Adding menu items and checking out is intuitive. Favoriting is valuable.

After interacting on designs and completing a 2nd round:
The “filter” button is confusing.
The stars and map on the homepage can be confusing
Need to be able to edit quantity and delete from cart.
After iterating on the designs it was time to begin the mock-ups. After 20 years of graphic design experience I felt pretty strongly going into this phase, however there was definitely some major differences I had to take into consideration like button size, and color (for accessibility) that I don't have to consider quite as much when designing direct mail. Nonetheless, I was definitely learning how to design in Figma. 
The final prototype is above or:

After this first project a few key takeaways and next steps I had: 

I learned there is a line between prototyping and engineering/coding a working app. It was hard to refrain from wanting to show an actual working order being placed.  I also learned about about design systems, which is very similar to “styles” in the graphic design world. But the most beneficial thing to me was multiple usability studies that allowed me to see how each user can interpret things differently.

I would love to rethink the home page design. I think it can still be confusing with the stars showing the locations. There is some functionality I’d like to use but don’t know how to show in a prototype.
I would also love to learn more about different types of navigation. I think it might be beneficial to have the dietary filter button as a navigation drawer instead. 
I would also like to learn how to create a navigation drawer for the nutritional icons. I would prefer they are not stationary at the bottom of the menu pages, but instead the icon key would pop-out when a user clicks an arrow.
THANKS for viewing!
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