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IB Art Mock Gallery
Welcome to Lawrence's Mock IB Art Gallery.
Here you will see some of my IB Artwork.

These pieces were all done between May, 2007 and May 2009.

I haven't taken pictures of all of my pieces, and these are not necessarily my best, or my worst.
At the completion of my IB Art course, I should have at least 30 pieces. I probably will not post all 30 on here. You'll have to visit my school during the IB Art show to see all of the pieces.

These pieces are all my original works.
All Rights Reserved.
Steve Jobs
Acrylic on Canvas Board
A Tribute to Ryu
Linoleum Print
Edition 3/3
Night at the Riverside
Acrylic and Charcoal on used "cutting board"
As of 2019, this piece is featured on the main hallways of Paxon School for Advanced Studies
Graphite on Canvas Board
Probably my favorite piece. Ms. Linda Broadfoot was the '07-'08 artist in residence. She visited my school to talk about her art career and to show us some of her work. Her artwork is on the cover of my AP Bio book, very interesting. Anyways, she had a very rare bug collection with her while visiting my school and someone stole one of her bugs. I had to do a "free" piece, A.K.A. no criteria, so I chose to do a drawing for her. I'll give it to her once I'm through with IB Art.
Must be Dreaming.
Ink and Acrylic on Canvas board.
I did this the summer I was transitioning from Sophomore to Junior. It took a couple days to do, extended over a few weeks. I think its good considering the experience I had then.
Comic Scene
IDK the size, bigger than 40 square inches though
Ink on Illustration Board
A Red Flare
IDK the exact measurements, but its about 19x26
Acrylic on Illustration Board.
Symbolizes some of the struggles in Darfur
IB Art Mock Gallery

IB Art Mock Gallery

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