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    Branding & Identity for Filipino based
    Independent Fashion Label, AKIN;
    which translates to 'MINE' in English. 
    Brand Applied across a range of
    products, both print based and digital.
    The Core Brand is made up from clean and simple typography
    combines with a clean and minimal palette. This is used as a 
    base brand, which is sleek and proffesional and versatile
    enough for any secondary brandmark to work with. The
    secondary brandmark will take on something new which is
    relevant for the current collection of clothing. As you can
    see here, the most recent collection of clothing uses a black, 
    white and neon orange colour scheme. 
    A mixture of Inked & Embossed & Blind Embossed 
    Triplex Printed Business Cards using a positive and
    negative copper plate onto China White and Ivory
    GF Smith Stock. 
    A range of stationary that uses a combination
    of crisp China White and Ivory Black stock 
    combined with a Spot Varnished Black logo 
    to give a real feeling of craft and quality. 
    A new visual language and colour scheme 
    developed from the shapes in the original
    brandmark which is specific for the AW / 13
    Collection of Garments.
    An Invitation that uses a perforated tab to 
    encase itself within the secretive core identity
    of the designer. The Neon orange colour of 
    the stock is matched to what is used in the
    garments for this collection, and this is slowly
    revealed and hinted at within the invitation. 
    A custom A5 sized standardised lookbook
    to be released in partnership with the collection
    itslef, on a much wider, accessible scale. 
    A 'teaser' lookbook  which is a simple fold up and
    fold out booklet come poster would be given out
    previously to the collection release as a taster. 
    A Responsive Website and E-Commerce
    Online Shopping Platform that runs seamlessly
    across multiple devices and takes on the core
    brand of the label. 

  • Various application that supports the physical
    collection of clothing including Material Bags, 
    Shopping Bags, Clothing Tags, Hangers, Tape
    and Vinyl for the pop-up stores.
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