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    These are the images for an app design based on the different types of people you can come across working for Apple. The end result was to be an … Read More
    These are the images for an app design based on the different types of people you can come across working for Apple. The end result was to be an app where the head, torso and legs would randomise between different people and you'd have to put the people back together and guess which type of person they are. Read Less
The Apple enthusiasts
The kind of person who comes in knowing everything but wants to annoy you anyway. Tends to ask awkward questions about memory in certain parts of the computer, etc. Things that you wont know off the top of your head, and will have to go and check up on. They also have a love for trying to prove you wrong.
The Apple haters
These people come into the shop with the sole purpose of telling you how bad the thing Apple products are. They like to try and start fights with you about how good competing brands are.
“There’s something wrong with my product, I’m blaming you” people/ (moaners)
Whether it’s a faulty product, something that has been accidentally damaged, or just something that didn’t work the way they wanted it to; they will blame you. They tend to be aggressive, take their anger out on you and shout a lot.
The technophobes
The kind of person who hasn’t a clue of anything to do with the brand, or usually technology in general. May say that they’re looking for an ‘apple’, and give no other information, and expect you to understand what they’re talking about. They tend to ask very general questions that take ages to answer, and they hardly ever buy anything.
The chancers
These people try and get the most out of you in a tutorial/troubleshooting way without paying. Beware of them bring in their products along with a notepad and a pen. Tend to get rude if you can’t help them.
The wealthy
Snooty people with money to burn. Sometimes will throw their visa at you and will expect you to then follow them around and hold anything they want to buy. They think people who work in retail are lower on the social scale than them.
“This is not an internet café” (Internet addict)
These people don’t want your help, and don’t want to buy anything; they literally come in just to go on the Internet. Go on Facebook; check their emails, read the news, book flights etc.
The pre-teen tormentors
These will be the bane of your life in work. They will be really loud. They will go on Facebook endlessly. They will take unlimited photos of themselves and their friends and change the wallpapers on everything. They also like to make sure that their make-up and hair is okay so its not shocking to see them taking off and putting hair extensions on in the middle of the shop. Also tend to leave orange fake tan streaks all over the products and white tables.
This character is pretty self explanatory. They will be the type of person who you will know to keep a close eye on from when they enter the store, to when they leave. Usually sketchy individuals.
Some initial drafts
One of the images being used for the poster displaying the exhibition