NCG10 New City Gas


Iconic venue of Montreal's scene, New City Gas wanted to develop a brand identity for
a series of events celebrating its 10th anniversary, spanning the whole year. From this desire to highlight its unique past, celebrate the present, and build it's new vision, the NCG10 concept was born. The creation objective was to design a versatile graphic system that could be used in their digital campaign, motion design, display, and merch. Historic venue from the industrial era that was used to illuminate the streets of the city.
For the past decade, it has been an important destination for the promotion of Montreal culture, showcasing a remarkable array of ambitious shows.

NEW CITY GAZ / Produkt 
Alex K, Martin Langelier, Willis D. Maude Levasseur, Janie Latendresse

Art Direction & design  Hugo Le Bihan,  Lucas Omnes, JP Berthiaume
Motion Design  Hugo Le Bihan
Account Director  Clémence Mesguen
Creative Direction  JP Berthiaume
Photographs  Patricia Brochu

Typeface Family 
BTP + Formular

NCG10 New City Gas