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PuQ Creative installations Designer

Creative Stage Designer | All round festival Creator | Creative installations Designer 
Intuitive independent artist, passionate allround creator who loves to experiment with different shapes and materials. Full project realisator from design to building with my team. Experienced team lead, Specialised in up-cycling old materials to new shapes creating a concept atmosphere. 

adobe, sketchup, designing, up-cycling, stage & installation building, concept realization.

Jungle festival, HMG productions, Mandala festival, KOELHUIS, De Wasserette Rotterdam, Brabants Verbond, 7th Sunday festival,  Mesibat deshe festival Israel, Tukul festival Israel, Ploegendienst festival, 

Renting deco:
 Packages and combinations are discussable.
 Costom stage or other designs are my passion, so don't hesitate to contact me: puqcreations@gmail.com

Medium organ stage variation 1800,- euro
Sun/wimd reflector (for price see installations)

Organ stage big variant (4 layer construction) 2500,- euro
costom stage/costume design Jungle festival
mesibat deshe festival - Isreal (costom design) 1500,-
Tukul Festival - Israel (costom design)
interested in renting costumed entertainment? ask for more info
All installations are rentable ass decoartion or to be combined into a stage
windstallations 200,- euro. Package of all 7 different kinetic wind installations 1000,- euro
sun/light installation size: 1mx2,5m. 100,- euro. Package of all 7 pcs 650,-
costom upcycling projects
wind corals size: 4mx2,5m 500,- Package size:6mx2,5 650,- of  8mx2,5m 800,-
Costom stage installations 
PuQ Creative installations Designer

PuQ Creative installations Designer