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Branding and Art Direction for Adventure Films; a Creativly-led Independent Film Production Company based in Luxembourg.
Branding and Art Direction for Adventure Films,
a Creatively-led Independent Film Production
Company based in Luxembourg. 
A custom stencil-like rounded logo has been created
which is unique to the Adventure brand. This has the
strong Industrial references of an action packed
adventure, with a much more rounded friendlier
craft and feel which represents the ethos and
structure of the brand.
The physical product range keeps with the
industrial feel of the brand. Embelishments
emphasise this through the use of colour, 
die-cuts and screw and post binding. 
The business cards are triplex printed and
die cut with the stencil logo. This helps
reinforcethe industrial qualities of the
brand in a unique, tactile way. 
The 50 page strong Portfolio is bound using a
Screw & Post binding method. This helps reinforce
the industrial feel of the brand and also adds a
unique tactile quality. The front cover is die cut
and the use of stock, format and layout has been
carfully considered for maxium displaying purposes.
The collection of 9x postcards are used to help
promote the brand to potential clients. The copy 
has been carefully chosen to help bring the warm
and friendly nature of the company across.
Qoutes have been hand-picked from iconic
films to help represent the idea of taking
a client on an adventure.
The basic stationary range includes a letterhead,
invoice, compliment slips and envelopes. It's
important to keep a proffesional edge, whilst
also maintaining the bold character of
the brand.
The Storyboard Notebook is a custom designed
notepad that can be used for multiple purposes. 
This ensures that the brand is carried through
from the idea stages, right through to the 
finished delivered piece of film. 
The images are treated using a branded
colour overlay. This helps bring some sort
of consistancy to the visuals of the very 
different varying peice of film. 
The brand transfers seamlessly into digital with
a responsive website that runs across multiple
platforms with ease. 


The brand is applied even further into the  interior and
exterior of the studio workspace. Industrial materials
are made use of to help reinforce the brand asthetic.
Some of these include corrugated metal, stencils and
wooden sterling board. 
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