Adventure Films
Branding and art direction for Adventure Films, 
a creatively-led independent film production company
 based in Luxembourg. We created a custom stencil-like
rounded logo, which is unique to the Adventure brand.
This has strong Industrial references, with a much 
more rounded friendlier craft and feel which represents
the ethos and structure of the company. 


Industrial Inspiration 
To reinforce the Industrial look and feel of the brand,
unique screw and post binding and die cuts are used
throughout the print material. This comes to life most
prominently in the unique die cut business cards. 


Iconic Film Quotes
The copy has been carefully crafted to help bring
the warm and friendly nature of the company across.
Quotes have been hand-picked from iconic films to help
represent the idea of taking a client on an exciting adventure.

Image Treatment
The images are treated using a branded colour overlay
helping to bring consistency to the visuals of the very
different varying pieces of film. The website we developed
is clean, responsive and memorable. 
Responsive Web Design 

Like the rest of the brand, the website owns the brand colour
orange and uses a mix of large scale hero imagery and videos
to keep the viewer engages. 

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Adventure Films

Adventure Films

Branding and Art Direction for Adventure Films; a Creativly-led Independent Film Production Company based in Luxembourg.


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