Concepted, designed and applied for my illustration bachelors senior thesis exhibition at the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design, these boards were created as an effort to design the beginning of a product line in my own 10Year brand name, along with supporting promotional posters with a cohesive brand identity to them based on a run of custom hand-made boards from Wild Oak Longboards, a up-starting company based in Milwaukee Wisconsin. 

The Yokai Series, is based on four separate folk creatures from Japanese mythology, re-imagined in my own personal style.

These are the digital mock-ups for each longboard design, along with their final promotional poster for each board. After digital mock-up, each board had a single full-scale physical mock-up created for the exhibition on one of the boards created specially for the occasion. Each board is approximately 42 inches long by 9 1/2 inches wide and each design is intended for a specific wood colour. Each poster is 18x24 inches.

Based on the Yokai Ao-Sagi-Bi, a supernatural heron, often spotted late at night on rivers, with an eerie glow around it.
Ittan-Momen & Me-Kurabe
Ittan-Momen is known in Japanese lore as a sort of odd, long, fluttering cloth that when occasioned to may land upon a victim and begin to strangle it by wrapping tightly around it's victim's head and neck.

Me-Kurabe however, has a highly specific origin and comes from a story about the head of one of Japan's clans who walked into his courtyard one day to find it full of human skulls rolling around and glaring at him bitterly. It is said that he simply grunted at the sight, and the skulls vanished without a clue left behind.

​Umi-Bozu is considered both benign and malevolent in various folktales. In some tales it is known to help sailors and those lost desperately at sea, while in others it is known for asking those it meets at seat to provide it with a barrel, which if the bottom is not removed on it then uses to sink it's unwitting victim's boat. In still other tales, it is known to simply inundate boats with no warning and drown all aboard.