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    A quarterly magazine aimed at promoting the creative culture in Sacramento, CA.
School project / Flux Quarterly
Create a fictional magazine that caters to the Creative Class of Sacramento. The magazine should incorporate articles written by each team member, but all editorial layouts and artwork are to be self-generated. In addition to articles, design three different ads to promote local business.

My group and I decided to create a magazine geared toward celebrating the various facets of art, design and photography. I wanted to design a modern magazine, that expressed each different article in a unique and graphic manner; it strays away from a cookie-cutter style template, and utilizes a new design for each spread. This way, the magazine becomes an art piece in itself. 
Editorial / layout, Branding, Print, Copywriting, illustration, photography.
* READ THE WHOLE MAGAZINE AT ISSUU http://issuu.com/amandacreates/docs/flux_mag_print