Project Overview
This project involved the creation of a highly customizable, responsive email template for use with the Potomac Valley Audubon Society's MailChimp account. An alternate, simplified version was then created to integrate with the client's CRM service, Wild Apricot, for sending automated emails to members and donors.
Responsive Template (Desktop and Mobile Views)
Desktop and mobile views of the completed template from within MailChimp.
Responsive Template (Multiple Views)
Various breakpoints shown while testing the template prior to delivery.
MailChimp Responsive Template
An image of the completed template within MailChimp's editor.
WildApricot CRM Template
A simplified version of the responsive mailchimp template was reworked into the client's existing small business CRM, Wild Apricot. This version uses Wild Apricot's template language to automate sign up, payment, and notification emails.