SIOLS Performance Sports Glasses
Together with the Munich-based manufacturer of performance sports eyewear, a completely new brand identity was created in 2020. In addition to the logo, typography and graphic design, special emphasis was placed on the strategic orientation of the brand and the direct marketing channels. Thus, the brand name and product names, all packaging and also the social media channels are fundamentally repositioned.

The SIOLS brand was successful as SZIOLS for over 20 years in the segment of sports eyewear for people with impaired vision. The renaming was done with the aim of a clearer definition of the brand also with regard to the digital world.
The graphical idea borrows from the product design with its coloured mirror gradients on the lenses of the sports glasses. The rest places the brand in a clear image within the sports community.
The direct marketing was repositioned with the help of 2 Shopify systems (B2B & B2C) and at the same time the sales network of opticians was supported by visual merchandising and social media content portal. B2C Shopify Webshop

All social media channels were set up in a completely new context of photo language and expanded with graphic elements. #SIOLSVISION on Instagram
The product focus of SIOLS is on the SIOLS.System: sports glasses consisting of several parts that can be combined with each other. This system was completely rearranged, embedded in a systematic naming structure and expanded by the all new AERO sports glasses.
Client: Optic Fashion GmbH
Project: Brand, Identity, Editorial Design, Visual Merchandising, Motion, Webshops
Head of Branding, Creative Director, Designer: Thomas Anton Binder

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Beate Gabelt, Martin Stein & Henrike Rettig

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SIOLS Brand Design


SIOLS Brand Design