"El Centenario" is a cultural museum in Monterrey, México. Revolving around the town's history dating back 100 years, this small museum presents permanent galleries and temporary art exhibitions of local artists. Sadly, like many small museums, its popularity is very low and so is the number of visitors.
As part of our thesis in the "Universidad de Monterrey - UDEM"  we took the challenge of aiding this client's problem with an image renovation; providing an overall attractive and stable identity. Along the way, we even proposed a series of attraction strategies to promote the museum and achieve a better response from the public.
The concept was based on making the museum more inviting as kind of  “second home” like the museum’s director would say. We also wanted to achieve a visual connection between the museum itself and its logo, so as to create that recognition in the audience. In the end, the combination of our concept with the local culture and the attraction strategies were the perfect recipe for a vibrant identity that fitted perfectly with the museum.
Unfortunately, the project was rejected by our client for the lack of economic resources to implement this new image but as a thesis we were awarded the highest credit.

Type Design - Modified Version of Quicksand for use in museum Identity.
Entrance bracelets with popular welcoming phrases used in the mexican culture. 
Used both as entrance tickets and promotional purposes.
Museum information pamphlet and exhibition premier invitation. 
Designed to fit the same temporal exhibition card inside.
- Temporal Exhibition Card
- Museum Information Pamphlet
- Temporal Exhibition Premier Invitation
-Temporal Exhibition Poster
- Modular Poster Series forming the museum's logo
*This project was created in our last year at Universidad de Monterrey with the help and orientation of  our teacher Teresa Treviño.
Museo El Centenario