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Three years collaborating with Thé Box

Three years of collaboration with 
I am sad to announce to you that the Orient Express box was our last adventure with La ThéBox. We had a lot of pleasure imagining these three projects along the years. I hope you enjoyed this creative trip. Here is a reminder of it. Never stop dreaming and being creative. And drink tea!
The Jules Verne Thé Box
Jules Verne thébox is our very first collaboration. It was on the theme of Jules Vernes, I had to imagine something that could transport you away. An illustration capable of making you travel around the globe while you drink a cup of tea. Jules Verne's universe helped me as everything already exist: hot air balloons, marvelous creatures, undersea worlds, I only had to choose. As always I like a strong frame to envelop my composition. then a lot of stars is always a good idea. then the sailing boat, to take you on this extraordinary adventure!
Here are some sketches of the box, the notebook and the three tea pouches, highlighting the creative process, how the frames were here from the beginning. The stars and the sun too.
Covers and notebook sketches
Tea pouches sketches
The Christmas Thé Box, "La forêt enchantée"
It is our second illustrative collaboration with la Thé Box team and it just gets better and better every year. this one is THE Christmas box, the one every subscriber is waiting for! We dreamed big and used two colors, two marvelous greens plus one gold foil. The result is beyond expectation. It is a mix between an ancient fairytale book and a Slavic treasure box. It is the golden gate to the enchanted forest. By opening this gate, not only you will find magical animals and Christmassy plants but you will also discover a universe full of flavors and delicacies.
Be my guest!
Here is a sneaky pic of the work in process, how we started with a simple arch form to a proper and marvelous golden portal.
First sketches and variations
Vectorized files for the printer
Thé Box "L'Orient Express"
Let me present you our third collaboration.
What to say. It is the dreamiest, most complex illustration I have realized for la Thé Box. Once again you can find a foil, this time a copper one, that goes well with the blue chosen for the train and the rest of the illustration. It is once again an invitation to travel through the senses, to discover new smells and treats.
Here are the original illustration and colors. There has been minor changes but the spirit remains intact.
Outside of the box
Inside of the box
I hope you enjoyed this long lasting collaboration. It was a real pleasure to create these beauties and to still have them in my kitchen. 
If you want to see more of this project here is a link to my website, don't hesitate to have a look!

Three years collaborating with Thé Box


Three years collaborating with Thé Box