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    A collection of black and white digital photos, taken during my Sunday city explorations through different parts of Bangkok.
-latprao poser mechanic-
_sunday explorations 
the dying fruit market left me unsatisfied,
2pm sunday, and the buses needed testingthe route was new, the place familiar
sundays on the streets, taste like sweet corn
like any city, sundays are different. in bangkok though, everything is still in constant motion, yet the speed of this motion, is perpetually slower on sundays, giving rise to a frame by frame replay of the week at a visible speed,  and a chance to capture it carefully on camerathere is always something to see, there is always an alleyway or a street market beckoning you to go and explore. this never ending place, looping and collapsing into itself is enough to make the imagination run away with ideas and pictures and things. 

-from up here you cannot see me-
passengers in waiting
there is nothing else to do, but look onwards and wait for the number you seek to appear.
sometimes, i imagined my number only to have my imagination swallow it back up again.
while we wait, we are funny faces and we are also calm.
and when the number arrives, there is a selfish shuffle for the remaining seats. 
i believe the worst place to find yourself, is standing on the metal plate over the engine and to
feel your feet burn, and coming to the conclusion that the soles of your shoes have melted
-rush for bus-
and then to sit, it is bliss-------
window seat/smog seat, depends on the time of day and the velocity of the bus.
to sit is to become part of the sway of the bus, whereas to stand is to become but an addition to the bus, be thrown forward and backwards, and become some instrument of puppeteer work.

-just to sit-
two wheel contraptions and sets of legs
-a prayer for the spirits of the street. dwelling endlessly amongst these constant drones and vibrations-