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Arpoa. : Healthcare App | UX/UI case study

This work proposes the design of a digital product that aims to facilitate access to
public health services for citizens of Rio de Janeiro. 

The work starts from a data collection and analysis about the public health services structure in the city of Rio de Janeiro, as well as the main problems of the target audience, such as long queues and crowded health units. A demand for digital products that allow a better control of services and users health data was identified. 

The project proposes an application for smartphones that allows better management and data exchange between the population and the health services, offering resources for reducing waiting and service times in emergency units, making appointments, and solving

The project aims to optimize the operation of public health services and contribute to strengthening the relationship between the population and the health services provided by the municipal administration of Rio de Janeiro, seeking better measurement, planning, and execution of its services in a cost-effective and quality-oriented manner.
The Design Process
Using the developed 'Double Diamond' model, we will use its four distinct phases  (discover, define, develop, and deliver) to map the points and possibilities of this work, create hypotheses, and validate them to define your problems and implement your chosen solutions into an MVP.
To collect data on public health service improvements, two open online questionnaires were created, one with 56 people and interviews were conducted with 5 health professionals. In order to understand the user profile, the questions sought to know the main difficulties users have, and their relationship with digital applications. 

The questions directed to the healthcare workers evaluated different aspects of the phases of care, different mechanisms to classify the priorities of their complaints, and what method they use to collect and use this data.

The tool chosen to conduct the open online questionnaires was Google Forms, which streamlined the remote process in the midst of the context we live in. They were distributed through different channels, WhatsApp groups, Facebook, and Instagram.
Personas and User Journey
Based on primary and secondary research, two personas and journeys were created representing users of health equipment, and a persona and journey that represents a health worker. that describes a server of the health equipment. Below are the profiles and journeys identified:
Personas and User Journey
To sum up, Rio de Janeiro is the only city that has not offered a single solution, but multiple solutions for different services. Therefore, there is a gap in the market and an opportunity to develop a specific healthcare application for the city of Rio de Janeiro. From the benchmarking analysis, functionalities and design aspects were chosen, and weaknesses were studied in order to filter the most coherent similarity for the Arpoa application.
Logo inspiration drawn from the sidewalks of Rio de Janeiro. Sketching and digitization of the logo icon.
Mood Boards  and Typography
A mood board of the primary colours used in the health care industry globally as well as an analysis of the official colours of the city of Rio de Janeiro. And the chosen typography: Filson Pro
Final Logo for a health care App from Rio de Janeiro. Inspired by the famous sidewalks of Rio de Janeiro and a landmark called Arpoador.
UI Design
Arpoa. : Healthcare App | UX/UI case study


Arpoa. : Healthcare App | UX/UI case study