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    Collaborative project between Brazilian artists organized by B.Cesar Studio
Just after the 2minds 152 Brazilian Artist Pokedex Project people get excited about doing other collaborational fan-art projects so I decided to put up together a tribute for our eternal blue bomber, from the start I wanted to invite more people I didn't knew, just to meet new people and the results really surprised me, we made lots of friends in the process and we learned a lot with each other, I'm really really proud of the results I hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it.

Thanks for all the artists who worked hard for this to happen your really ROCK!
Victor Hugo: Deviantart Facebook
Marlon Augusto: Behance
Bruno Rosal: Behance Facebook
Mika Takahashi: Tumblr
Vitor Leonardo: Behance
Henrique Cursino
Herysson Snoo: Site
Thiago Grusmão: Facebook
Monique Alencar: Behance
Thiago Carneiro: Site
Victor Hugo Pieroni: Behance
Aluisio Cervele: Behance
Daniel Belarmino: Facebook
Misael Torres: Facebook
Luiz Henrique Pedroso: Behance
Amanda Salles: Email
Matheus Oliveira: Facebook
Ernanda Souza: Deviantart
Eduardo Rodrigues: Behance
Karol Kaczorowski: Facebook
Glauber Kotaki: Site
Paulo Pereira Jr.
Italo Shaberle: Deviantart
Lou Vieira: Behance
Guilherme Rodrigues: Facebook Email
Igor Gonçalves: E-mail
Hugo Vaz: Facebook
Jessica Velazquez
Jandê Saavedra Farias: Behance
Guilherme Lopes
Patrick Haraguti: E-mail Facebook
Bruno Rodrigues
Jedson Pereira: Portfolio
Vini Moreira: Facebook Site
Vinicius Menezes
Henrique Xavier: Behance
Renata Rinaldi: Tumblr
Victor Seiti Yonemura: Facebook
Bruno Cesar: Behance Facebook
Fernanda Prado: Deviantart E-mail
Arthur Tavares: Behance
Leandro Oliveira: Site
E agora zé?: Site
Maicon Mcn: Site
Lucas Kurse: Site
Priscilla Tramontano: Site
Mickael Ruiz Mackay: Site
Thiago Tavares Freire
Guilherme Batista: Portfolio
Robson Gomes: Behance
Juliane Macedo: Blog
Renato Giancomini
Bruna Richter: Behance
Paulo Nadal Pupo: Behance
Andre Kent: Facebook
Phellype Augusto
Kime Rodrigues: Facebook
Guilherme Pupo
Mauricio Perin: Site
Teixeira Leonardo: Facebook
Pedro "Santo" Medeiros: Twitter
Rodolfo Silva: Tumblr
Alexandre Carvalho: Tumblr
Thiago Mendes
Bobe Campos
Erika Sampaio
Wagner Regis: Site
Stênio Santos: Deviantart
Ary Yoon: Tumblr
Bruno S.Briseno: Facebook
Fernanda Rodrigues: Facebook
Yan de Moura Moraes: Deviantart
Andre Asai: Site
Zé Carlos S. P. Jr: Deviantart.
Felipe Portella: Behance
Cecilia Souza Santos: E-mail
Robson Araujo: Behance
Frederico Cassar: Tumblr
Rafael Ventura: Site
Bruno Chekerdimian: Blog Behance
Douglas Picelli: Behance Deviantart
Gustavo Padilha: Behance
Renato Gusmão
Limetown: Site
Luiz Felipe Lutterbach
Joao Miranda: Facebook
Paulo Márcio Esper: Facebook
Tarik Ventura: Behance
Karen Teixeira: Site
Cinthia Dynamite: Facebook
Daniel Rinaldo Amaro
Lucas Barros: Blogspot
Italo Furtado: Behance
João Filipe F. Rocha: Cargo Collective
Guto Pais
Spike Rodger
Bruno Mello: Deviantart Behance
Fabiano Souza: Behance Facebook
Lucas Luciano: Facebook
Project organized by B.Cesar Studio

This project is a non-profit tribute made by fans. I would like to thank all the artists who worked so hard on this project to make it possible, all the friends I made during the process and all the feedback exchanged, you guys ROCK!

All the characters belong to CAPCOM 2014 all rights reserved.