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Stags Leap - Take the Leap
3D Motion

New York based agency Annex88 contacted us to create a new creative / imaginary world and a new campaign for their client Stag Leap.

This brand is a Californian wine brand that has spent several years creating worlds around their iconic Stag. During the previous campaigns they created an animation of the animal in 2D walking through those worlds, but for the new campaign they will explore 3d. We worked closely with the agency to give this world a modern and futuristic image.

We love working challenges projects like this, where there are no limits and there is nothing predefined.

This campaign is out of the ordinary, especially in the field of wine. The most important part of our commercial was undoubtedly the stag, it had to inspire magic, serenity and futurism.

We certainly believe that the result speaks for itself, we hope you enjoy it as much as we did making it. 
It was a great challenge because it was the same iconic stag that appears on the bottle label.

We also worked a lot on the environment where our character would move, creating a whole new world, with plants and animals.
The idea was to create a dream/fantastic world and give it colors and tones unusual in real life.

Film "Take the leap" by Stags Leap


Key Visuals & Assets

Process / step by step

Early Texture, Color & Lighting

Early Look and Feel

Process Reel

Direction: TA\VO STUDIO
Tavo Ponce (Director)
Beatriz Romero (Producer)
Juan Linera, David Pastor (Art Direction + animation)
Luis de la Barrera (Stag modeling & animation)
Spot Sound Production Directors Cut: Smider
Music Process Reel: Nuva Sound
Agency: Annex88
Client: Stags Leap Winery / TWE

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Stags Leap - Take the Leap

Stags Leap - Take the Leap