Typography For Advertising
A selection of typographic pieces produced for advertising clients in 2013/2014.
Orange / EE - 5 Quick Wins For 2014
This piece was for a selection of B2B publications produced by the telecoms company. 
VW - Canvas
Typographic branding for an online VW campaign. The project was about sharing opinions through social media, so I used speech marks as a starting point for the design.
Produced with Proximity London. 
Enviromedia - Giving A Damn Since 1997
Type illo for Enviromedia, a green ad agency based in Texas.
Final version.
Mercedes - The Best Or Nothing
Type illo for a mural to be used by Mercedes.
Soho House - Winter Music At The Beach House
Type illo to promote an electronic music event connected with the Miami Music conference.
Lockup based on the type illo.
BBC - TV Licensing campaign
Typography created for a BBC campaign.
Travel Back In Time
Vanilla Pod - Type / illustrations
Created for a new London-based ad agency
Left / right brain