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    Berlin has 790 hotels and B+Bs, with over 11 million guests and 26 million overnight stays per year. In short: the market is saturated. Hotels th… Read More
    Berlin has 790 hotels and B+Bs, with over 11 million guests and 26 million overnight stays per year. In short: the market is saturated. Hotels thus need to stand out from the masses and offer something special. This is why the nhow Berlin targets music lovers, specifically musicians. No matter whether they are here on tour or for private reasons, nhow offers everything a musician needs: an integrated high-end sound studio, guitar room service, open mic nights and an in-house music manager. In order to make the brand experience more comprehensive, nhow Berlin asked us to develop a guidance system. Our objective: to integrate the nhow Berlin hotel’s musical theme into the hotel guidance system without subjecting the guests to unnecessary noise. The idea: a guidance system based on well-known songs that when used at the right time in the right place get stuck in a person’s head. The guidance system is based on the existing corporate design to complement the extraordinary interior design by New York designer Karim Rashid and meshes seamlessly with Sergei Tchoban’s architectural concept. The guidance system is supported by well-known songs from various genres, from current hits to classics. The texts are matched to corresponding places within the hotel such that every interaction with them becomes a musical journey – all without any music being played. The experience is extended digitally via an nhow Berlin playlist on Spotify that includes all the songs. This allows guests to take the music home with them. The new guidance system makes a considerable contribution to ensuring that music is the unifying theme running throughout the entire hotel and that guests come into contact with music throughout their stay in a charming, unobtrusive manner. The guidance system has become a real hit on social networks and via word of mouth has lead to a significant increase in the number of guests from the music industry. Moreover, it further augmented the status of the nhow Berlin as Berlin’s only music hotel. Read Less

A guidance system based on popular song titles
Europe's first music hotel is located directly on the banks of the river Spree - right next to Universal Music and MTV Europe.
The hotel entrance
The riverside terrace door
The Hotel lobby
The hotel lobby - reception desk
The staff name tags
Each of the 6 elevators plays its own music - ranging from rock music to hip hop.
The hotel signage
The 1st floor signage
nhow Berlin offers a 24 hour guitar room service.
The "Please do not disturb" sign
The hotel room - main lights
The hotel room - hotel mints
The hotel room - bedside phone 
The hotel room - soap
The hotel gallery - stairway to the sun terrace
With two studios, a recording booth and a large lounge with a view out over the Spree, the nhow Studios are perfectly equipped for mixing, pre and post-production, recordings and events. 
The hotel  restaurant
The hotel bar - Special Drinks
Guests can access a spotify playlist with all the songs used in the wayfinding & signage from the hotel.
With 790 guest trades and 26 million overnight stays per year, Berlin has a firm place in the TOP 3 of European destinations. In order to succeed, hotels must stand out. 
At nhow Berlin, the common theme replayed all over the hotel is music.
We created a guidance system based on popular song titles. The titles are positioned at relevant locations in the hotel, so each interaction becomes a musical treat.
We managed to put music in people’s minds without playing a single note.
Title: The Music Hotel 
Client: nhow Berlin
Design: Scholz & Friends
Executive Creative Direction: Wolf Schneider
Creative Direction: Olivier Nowak
Concept: Olivier Nowak
Photography: Jürgen Krugsperger
Account Management: Alina Botvinnik
reddot design award 2014
iF design award 2015