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The Music Hotel - nhow Berlin
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A guidance system based on popular song titles
Europe's first music hotel is located directly on the banks of the river Spree - right next to Universal Music and MTV Europe.
The hotel entrance
The riverside terrace door
The Hotel lobby
The hotel lobby - reception desk
The staff name tags
Each of the 6 elevators plays its own music - ranging from rock music to hip hop.
The hotel signage
The 1st floor signage
nhow Berlin offers a 24 hour guitar room service.
The "Please do not disturb" sign
The hotel room - main lights
The hotel room - hotel mints
The hotel room - bedside phone 
The hotel room - soap
The hotel gallery - stairway to the sun terrace
With two studios, a recording booth and a large lounge with a view out over the Spree, the nhow Studios are perfectly equipped for mixing, pre and post-production, recordings and events. 
The hotel  restaurant
The hotel bar - Special Drinks
Guests can access a spotify playlist with all the songs used in the wayfinding & signage from the hotel.
With 790 guest trades and 26 million overnight stays per year, Berlin has a firm place in the TOP 3 of European destinations. In order to succeed, hotels must stand out. 
At nhow Berlin, the common theme replayed all over the hotel is music.
We created a guidance system based on popular song titles. The titles are positioned at relevant locations in the hotel, so each interaction becomes a musical treat.
We managed to put music in people’s minds without playing a single note.
Title: The Music Hotel 
Client: nhow Berlin
Design: Scholz & Friends
Executive Creative Direction: Wolf Schneider
Creative Direction: Olivier Nowak
Concept: Olivier Nowak
Photography: Jürgen Krugsperger
Account Management: Alina Botvinnik
reddot design award 2014
iF design award 2015
The Music Hotel - nhow Berlin

The Music Hotel - nhow Berlin

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