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    Exploration, field trip to São Miguel, Azores
A wonderfull range of 9 islands, that together form the archipealago of the Azores.
These islands aren't your typical 'middle of the ocean islands' like Hawaï or the Canary Islands. The Azores are situated in the Middle of the Atlantic between Europe and North America, but the climate is most unexpected. 
4 seasons in 1 day is a favorite saying over here and if you stay even just for 1 week, you can be certain to have experienced the crazy weather the Azores have to offer... 
None the less, the nature scapes and typical Portuguese architecture are wonderfull and if you're lucky or stick around long enough for that little bit of sunshine it's definetly worth it  ^^
I hope you like the quick image I've tried to give you all of São Miguel!
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