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    Smart pad is a concept of a new pad range created for the 2011 fujitsu's design contest.
Smart Pad
New concept between pad & laptop
Smart pad is a product which you could use everywhere whenever you want or need. it size allows you to pack it in your backpack or laptop bag. It shell is in plastic and it wide screen in glass. you can put it in vertical or horizontal position to improve it use and feel comfortable. use it for work or leisure, traveling by car, train or plane. it battery offer autonomy and and it wire plug allows you to plug it and reload the smart pad. plug your headphone to listen music, speak with your friends or watch movies. don't disturb people and don't be ! smart pad will follow you everywhere every time, with your life into. 
 Smart pad with its foot
 Vertical position
 Its cylindrical part is giving you the right angle to use the Smart pad on a table or a desk
 Avatar on Smart Pad
 Commands close up