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ICC immersion - Brand design
ICC Immersion - visual identity
A graphic system to propel the entrepreneurs of the French cultural industry internationally

The "ICC Immersion" program is a joint project of the Institut Français and Business France as part of the France 2030 plan. The program is aimed at companies in the creative and cultural industries (audiovisual, immersive reality, video games, sound and music, design, architecture). This program aims to help the selected companies to develop internationally, to help them establish themselves in the targeted market and to accelerate their growth.

Graphéine worked with the Institut Français and Business France teams to create a visual identity for the "ICC immersion" label. In order to be in line with the values of the programme, this identity was designed to flourish on a wide variety of communication media. It was important that its graphic standards include a wide range of motion design options for the audiovisual sector.
Culture and creativity, a sensory immersion

Whether you watch a movie that inspires you or hear a song at a concert that moves you, culture is an immersive sensory experience. By supporting cultural and creative efforts, ICC immersion fosters these immersive experiences.
Creativity leads to wonder. An innovative idea or a new perspective has the potential to transform the world. Such powerful creativity comes from the exchange between different minds, people and cultures. ICC immersion facilitates this creative exchange by bringing people and cultural enterprises together through its global reach.

A radiant and captivating cultural wave in the spotlight

The objective of creating a new mark that must establish itself in the cultural sector and be reputed for its institutional character guided us in the creation of an emblem to accompany the "ICC immersion" wordmark. Since the abbreviation "ICC" is rather common, it was necessary to find a unique visual trick to create a distinctive logotype in the cultural landscape. The image that inspired us was that of a dive that precedes immersion, and the ripples it creates on the surface of the water.
The repetition of the "C" in the brand name is the typographic opportunity that made it possible to illustrate this impact wave symbolically. By encapsulating a small C into a large C we have the beginning of our Cultural and Creative wave. The resulting round shape corresponds perfectly to the idea that we have of a certification label. A third wave emerges to top off this double C turned upwards, which allows the “letter I” for “Industries” to appear in its counterform!
A visual identity born from a large, vibrant and shape-shifting "C"

The "ICC waves" monogram functions as the epicenter of the ICC Immersion graphic system. Around the emblem, a seismic wave spreads out and draws a big C. This graphic system completes the brand territory by creating a range of 6 patterns. Each wave has its own path and colour combo in order to communicate the diversity of the CCIs. This graphic principle makes it possible to create a reassuring logotype that functions as a certification mark, without sacrificing a lively and innovative appearance.
The accompanying typefaces used are Noto Serif and Noto Sans. We chose these open source typefaces which have the unique quality of being an extensive typeface family with versions in all modern and ancient languages.
Since ICC Immersion is being notably launched in Israel and South Korea, this typeface allows a multilingual adaptation of the identity.

By taking advantage of the possibilities offered by digital media and motion design, we created a visual language that is perfectly adapted to motion graphics and video clips. For print media, the positioning of the logotype functions as a unit of measurement, allowing us to define a coherent and flexible composition grid. By being at the heart of the system and bringing alive the content of brand communications, the visual identity conveys the mission of accompanying and developing the creative and cultural industries.

A visual identity that is simultaneously institutional and lively while reflecting the dynamism and success of our cultural and creative industries. A strong mark of the French cultural landscape and its international outreach.
ICC immersion - Brand design


ICC immersion - Brand design

ICC Immersion - visual identity A vibrant graphic system to propel the entrepreneurs of the French cultural industry internationally As part of Read More