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    Exclusive for YouWorkForThem
Designed Exclusive for YouWorkForThem
At first glance, YWFT Pello might appear to be something from the tonalpohualli, and may inspire a pilgrimage to Teotihuacán. However, after a few moments (and perhaps a quick sacrifice to Quetzalcoatl for good measure), you should begin to see the geometric, modern style that lurks within the angles of this incredible new YouWorkForThem exclusive. YWFT Pello has three weights (light, regular and bold), includes Opentype features like contextual alternates, fractions, and ligatures, and contains 265 glyph designs. With each new day, you'll notice more art nouveau/deco touches within YWFT Pello's expansive corners, and perhaps some macho Latin and posh European styles as well. 

Typeface Design : YWFT Pello 
Exclusive for YouWorkForThem

Designed by Jackkrit Anantakul

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