Front Cover
Left: "We don't [have] a Gung-Ho attitude to missiles" - Liam Fox in the Guardian
Right: Visualisation of bombs used in the UK against those in Afghanistan, 4 in the UK, 5,294 in Afghanistan by UK forces alone, source: FoI Request.
Left: Total number of live rounds fired per dead insurgent (250,000) Source: Various Newspapers
Right: 1.8 billion rounds of small arms munition were used in the war on terror in 2005. A bullet for every person in China, America, Britain and France. Source: Census reports on population & Newspaper reports.
Left: quote on Orwellian Logic
Right: MoD compensation expenditure for the war in Afghanistan. Including £542 for the death of a little girl who died in a fire caused by a missile strike. Source: The Guardian 
Left: Coalition (5%)/Taliban (69%)/ Civilian (26%) Deaths visualised between 100 people. Various Sources
Right: Self Explanatory.
Left: Friedrich Nietzche quote
Right: Closing thoughts