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The Little Houses of Utopick


The Little Houses of Utopick
Structural packaging and graphic design 
Utopick - 2022

Paco Llopis is a Master Chocolatier. He is constantly searching for innovations in flavours, quality and textures, and is deeply involved in the world of “bean-to-bar” production; that is, producing chocolate from cocoa beans that he himself selects and buys in Colombia and other Latin American countries.
We had already designed the packaging for their "bean to bar" tablets, and now they wanted a box design for their chocolates and cookies. Of course, one of the requirements was that it be an environmentally friendly packaging.
We developed a cardboard box that could be adapted to two different capacities and meet the main requirements set out in the brief: it should make an attractive gift, be eye-catching on the shelf and, if possible, not be thrown away immediately, but rather stay in the customer’s home with the dual intention of it being a little more sustainable and remaining visible to them for a longer period of time. The design proposal is a box with the emblematic shape of a little house, a casita, with a circular window so the product inside can be seen. Colour is limited to the roofs and follows a design similar to that already used in the packaging of the brand’s bean-to-bar range of chocolates.

The little houses have the additional benefit that they can be used as a plaything by children or to decorate their room once the product has been consumed, thereby extending their useful life. 
The cardboard of the boxes is recycled and the bags that contain the product are made of biodegradable PP.
The Little Houses of Utopick