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    University project brief dealing with Sustainable Design.
Manifesto For Creative Sustainability
We separated the language of our manifesto across 4 layers, this allowed us to communicate the idea that to get a cohesive unit you need many different skills. 
The full manifesto reads as follows:
In order for Creativity to be a sustainable process there must constantly be a new, younger generation with the ability to solve problems in a variety of ways using a creative process. 
The current education system uses syllabus’, the notion of ‘ticking boxes’ and an emphasis on conformity to teach and grade categorized subjects. However, we believe that creativity as a skill is often overlooked. Students aren’t being taught its potential as a problem solving tool and are encouraged to keep it separate from ‘academic subjects’. This results in a division between the creatives and ‘the academics’, with no room for overlap.This line must be blurred. 
From a young age we are taught to stive for the ‘right’ answer and be scared of the ‘wrong’ one. We should be teaching young people to challenge this linear way of thinking, interpreting a problem and seeing many possible answers.
We are educated in a hierarchical system where maths and science take the lead and the arts are trivialised. Our current lifestyle is not sustainable environmentally, socially, economically or political