I have a penchant for phtographing in foul weather, the fouler the better. The drama of landscapes seen under inclement conditions reminds me of many epic movies in which stormy weather plays a leading role.
A tennis court magically appears in the wiidnerness of an Isle of Harris, Hebrides, Scotland landscape.
Through the drizzly mist of a barren road on the Isle of Harris, Hebrides, Scotland lies and abandoned tractor nicely providing foreground matter to this foul weather landscape.
Greece is not all sunny vistas and here on the island of Tinos, Greece, an abandoned station wagon adds an eeriness to a threatening sky landscape.
I love the central white lines of small country roads that lead to white villages on the island of Tinos, Greece, photographed from inside the car during a rainstorm.
The area of Volax on the Cycladic island of Tinos, Greece, know for it's 'moonscape' of smooth boulders that appear to have dropped from the sky lending an eery feel to what is a unique region in Greece though a similar landscape can be seen in close by Mykonos.
Ise of Harris view of one of many lochs under classic Scottish summer skies. This and the other Hebrides islands work is all on 35mm colour negative.