Alibaba Cloud E2

Symbol System

Our E2 symbol frame combines 'E' and '2' to form a strong and unique frame. We have designed customised graphics to represent the industry's individual characteristics and features. This combination symbolises the dependability and security that Alibaba Cloud provides to its customers. The customised graphics create a unified design language for the E2 family products, forming a distinctive look that accurately reflects the various product attributes. This powerful visual identity allows customers to quickly recognise products with the E2 symbols, assuring them of the quality service that is provided by Alibaba Cloud.


Color System

Alibaba Cloud E2 Enterprise Cloud Service has confidently chosen blue as its main brand colour, taking inspiration from the concepts of clouds and computing. With a focus on accessibility, the brand has gone further to create seven family palettes according to different industries, to ensure consistency in colors, tones and shades, while still allowing for individual differentiation.
Moreover, all colour and text coxmbinations have been tested against AA and AAA standards from the WCAG guidelines to ensure readability of information across all devices and platforms, which demonstrates Alibaba Cloud's commitment to accessibility and user experience.

Intuitive Layout System

Alibaba Cloud E2 Enterprise Cloud Service has masterfully crafted an intuitive layout system to support dynamic design, straightforward navigation, and a distinct identity. Vibrant colors and visuals create an iconic brand recognition, while photography, composition, hierarchy, scale, and proportion provide an effective communication platform and an exceptional user experience. Thought-out motion language brings the marque to life, reinforcing its purpose and delivering an interactive, visually appealing design system for a pleasurable and remarkable experience.

Systematic User Experience

Alibaba Cloud E2 Enterprise Cloud Service is designed to provide confidence and convenience to enterprises of all sizes. Featuring a bespoke design language for different industries, E2 offers an systematic and comprehensive user experience. From procurement to e-commerce, finance, energy and more, E2's robust suite of services helps businesses build and manage digital products quickly and efficiently.
The user interface is intuitive and easy to use, so businesses can get up and running with minimal effort and time. With E2, businesses can develop and deploy digital products with ease and agility, allowing them to stay ahead of the competition and remain competitive in their respective markets.

Creative Direction: Qiaoqiao Tang
Lead Designer: Qiaoqiao Tang, Guangxi Cai
Logo Graphics: Shulun Ye
Motion Design: Guangxi Cai
3D Design: Genle Zhu
UI/UX Design: Qiaoqiao Tang


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Alibaba Cloud E2

Alibaba Cloud E2