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Xiaoyuzhou Podcast App 2023 New Year Gift

「小宇宙订阅成就新年礼盒」是播客 App 小宇宙为播客创作者定制的周年纪念品。


This is a customized New Year's gift for podcasters from the podcast app "Xiaoyuzhou".

In the podcast universe, each podcast creation is a conversation initiated by the host to the listener, and the subscriptions are signals back from the listener. We are witnessing the encounter of voices, and we hope that the inspiration and energy bursting out from the podcast will accompany the creation of the podcast all along.


The gift box includes a Subscription Trophy and a Podcast Inspiration Journal. With the trophy placed and the journal in hand, may the hosts embark on a journey with the intention of "choosing a topic", recording and broadcasting the beauty of life, the world may be different and more interesting.


The very outer layer of the gift box is an acrylic trophy displaying a specific milestone of subscription number.


The color of each trophy is generated by the cover of corresponding podcast, extending the style within the Xiaoyuzhou Podcast App for maximum individuality.

Podcast page in Xiaoyuzhou Podcast App, Theme color is also related to the podcast cover.


We provide an extra metal stand that can be screwed into the screw holes on the back of the trophy to provide additional support for extra stability.


In addition, we have bundled a Podcast Inspiration Journal, which is on the second layer of the box.

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Xiaoyuzhou Podcast App 2023 New Year Gift

Xiaoyuzhou Podcast App 2023 New Year Gift